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One of the most important decisions a new parent makes is whether to breastfeed or bottle feed their baby. There is lots of information available on the benefits of breastfeeding and new moms are responding by choosing to breastfeed in greater numbers than ever before. But some moms can’t or choose not to breastfeed. And there is no reason, given the highly regulated and nutritious infant formula on the market today, for those moms to be made to feel guilty about their choice. Every mom should have full access to information on breastfeeding and infant formula so they can make an educated decision about what’s best for their family.


Who We Are was made possible by a grant from the International Formula Council. The opinions and views expressed on this web site are of Kate Kahn who independently manages and controls the editorial content contained on the web site.


Kate Kahn is a Boston-based video producer and consultant with 20 years experience in broadcast journalism, who independently manages and controls the editorial content contained on the web site.

Kate also teaches multimedia journalism at Boston University and Emerson College. 

Prior to this Kate was Vice-President of Editorial Development for NewsProNet, which produces television and multi-media convergence syndications to a national audience. Kate started in the media industry more than 20 years ago at WBIR-TV in Knoxville, TN, before moving to KARE-TV in Minneapolis, MN and WHDH -TV in Boston. She has produced award-winning documentaries, stories, and special live-event coverage for television stations across the country, winning several industry awards both nationally and regionally.

The mother of two children, Kate breastfed her daughter successfully. She was able to breastfeed her son for five weeks before she started to have difficulty and decided to switch to bottle feeding, a choice she believes is every mother's to make.

Kate earned her BA in Psychology from Tufts University (1984) and her MA in Journalism from the University of Missouri at Columbia (1985).



Barbara Dehn, RN, MS, NP is an award-winning author and women’s health nurse practitioner with over 20 years experience listening to and caring for women of all ages. She has helped countless new moms through their pregnancies and with breastfeeding.

Barbara is the founder of Blue Orchid Press, an innovative publishing company devoted to “Empowering Women with Information.” In 2006, she wrote Your Personal Guide to Breastfeeding.

An accomplished and in-demand public speaker, Barbara is also a regular women’s health expert for NBC’s daytime show, iVillageLive. Her friendly, informative segments connect with millions of women and provide practical explanations and helpful advice to women watching at home and viewing on-line. She has an inspired, interactive, and enthusiastic approach that makes complicated health topics accessible and easy to understand.

Barbara’s years of experience helping her patients find the best way to feed and nurture their babies while taking care of themselves has given her an honest, practical, unbiased, and realistic approach that her patients value. Her decision to act as the health expert for Moms Feeding Freedom grew from her desire to support and encourage all women in all situations in a “Guilt Free Zone” of acceptance and understanding.